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Does Cocaine Make You Lose Weight

Cocaine has been known to make people lose weight however the truth is most people skip eating as a result of taking the substance. While weight may be dropped as a result the health consequences are far more damaging than beneficial. If you are interested in knowing the damages of consuming cocaine then please read through the rest of this site. The sites aim is to inform readers about the dangers of cocaine. We go through all physical health and mental impacts and we emphasize that the dangers of taking this substance far outweigh the benefits.

While using this substance you may be able to skip eating however the dangers are far more damaging to your health. A lot of cocaine consumers can go a day or more without eating and feeling energetic. While that person may lose a little bit of weight, the long term consequences are far more damaging. Cocaine can thicken blood around the heart and it often leads to heart attacks or strokes and this includes in young, healthy fit people. Cocaine is so dangerous that it can destroy a life in minutes, despite the person being perfectly healthy.

This drug while illegal is a major problem throughout society and it often leads to destroying relationships between friends and damaging families. Not only does this have physical and mental health problems associated with it, this is also known to destroy the financial status of users due to the drugs expensive nature.

Once again we emphasize that I am an amateur writer trying to inform you about the dangers of this substance. Please seek professional medical help if you have any further questions. I perform countless hours of research to write this information in the hope that it helps readers. Medical professionals have studied the subject for much longer than me so visiting a local medical professional if you have any questions is advisable.

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